Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sepia Scenes #3

I thought I'd try a SEPIA portrait today. I cropped the photo very close and then I uploaded it to Photobucket and used the bronze effect. I then moved the FADE slider to the left to lessen the effect quite a bit. I then chose to frame the photo with a black halo. I faded the halo as well.


I think many of you may know that this is my dear grand-nephew. A sweetie-pie, if I say so myself!

Why don't you try a portrait next week. You can take one of your own or find one in your archives.

And I'd love to hear HOW you applied SEPIA to your photo.

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Kahshe Cottager said...

Just look at those eyes! What a little doll he is!

Anonymous said...

Mary, I got the links wrong (twice). I put this week's at the wrong place then last week's for this edition. So what is correct is the second link for today.
I am really sorry. Too much driving today.

Anonymous said...

Such an ADORABLE boy:)Mine is up!:)

marLou said...

He is a sweetie pie! Precious.

Leora said...

So interesting how you applied the effect! And on such a gorgeous young tyke! I posted a portrait today and did the desaturate then added yellow and magenta with color sliders. But I am going to poke around in Photoshop to see if there's something like this bronzing effect. Yes, a definite cutie.

Mojo said...

Mmm... portrait? I'm thinking not. Got a thing about publishing people y'know? I love this one though!

Continuing this week's Peace Globe Theme i offer:
Sepia Scenes #3: Lines in the Sand Redux

Annie Jeffries said...

Adorable. And so solemn.

MyMaracas said...

Beautiful boy! And I love the effects you've achieved in this portrait.

I just set the camera on sepia and pushed the button this time.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice editing work on a potrait photo. I will try it on another post.

Btw, I'm using Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2. It's lot easier than photoshop.

Cindy said...

What a handsome little boy!

I'll have to go and see what I have for portraits...

Jackie said...

Hi everybody,
Oh my he is simply adorable. And I love how you used the different techniques.

This is my very first entry and I hope I have done it correctly.

But, please do not ask me what techniques I used.....I just played.

But I have it up here.

I have a very long time near and dear friend who many of us are making a birthday post for tonight.

It is a major project. But, I promise I will get by to visit as many as as possible as soon as possible.

Thank you Mary for starting yet another fun photo meme.

Bintang is the one who told me about it.

Thank s again!!:-)))

Carletta said...

It's already been said - gorgeous brown eyes! This makes me miss my Little Lily....
A portrait next week sounds like fun!

Jientje said...

That is such an angelface, I can believe you love him!
Mine is up now too!

Gemma Wiseman said...

Your shots are so creative! But I must admit, the adorable eyes of the little one are almost magnetic in mystical sepia!

Sherrie said...

Your Grand-Nephew is adorable. He has beautiful eyes! My Sepia is posted. You can see it here:
Take Care!!


Digital Polaroids said...

I love this meme. It bring back old memories!!

Jan said...

He is such a cutie.

Baker Watson said...

Those eyes are so attentive.
Mine is here


Anonymous said...

she's a beauty!

i almost forgot that i have to post my link here. my entry has been up since wednesday evening. hehehe

have a nice day everyone!

Anonymous said...

awww sorry for my error. saw it now but it can't be edited. hugs to that lil boy in the picture. :)

can't wait for the updated Mr. Linky!

Lyn said...

Hello.. nice blog. HEhe TNX for the link.

Anonymous said...