Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sepia Scenes #40

I must congratulate all those bloggers who post thumbnails of posts done by their participants. It's very hard to get it right! It takes time I must say. So I'm going back to my own post and look forward to your posts by going around and looking at them myself! I hope you'll do the same!

Here's a sepia shot that I think you'll like!

My Sister-in-law's bejeweled arm.

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Vita Stunder said...

Beautiful jewelery Mary!

Great to find Mr Linky not being Kinky ;)

Happy Sepia Scenes!

@nemonen said...

That was a beautiful bracelet. Love it! have a nice day. Inger

NicoleB said...

Oh, I guess I was a tad dingy this morning and left a comment on last week, oups :)

NicoleB said...

P.S.: That jewlery is awesome.
Is that a real gem stone?

Russ said...

Very nice!

foto CHIP Sweden said...

I like the different pieces in the bracelet - stones, pearls and metal - lovely!
Have a nice day!

Mo said...

Great jewelry!
This week, I did a lighthouse at It's A Blog Eat Blog World and Chloe in the sunshine at Purrchance To Dream ~ and on both posts I talk about a new group on Flickr that I created, inspired by YOU, Mary!

Carletta said...

I'm a beader myself and make a lot of my own jewelry so I'm wondering if your SIL made it.
It's beautiful!

Mr. Linky - yeah! :)

Patti said...

That's a pretty bracelet ~ I also am wondering if your SIL made it.

Happy Sepia Scenes Wednesday, Mary!

Greyscale Territory said...

A very romantic photo! Looks lovely in sepia!

Felisol said...

The ethereal way the arm fades and enhance the jewelry.
Oh, It's ingenious.
I vaguely remember having arms that smooth and round in shape.
(Now I'm prefer the merciful coverage of long sleeves.)
From Felisol

Ralph said...

Bejeweled...quite nice, the soft sepia dulls the distractions of gold, etc. Which allows us to admire the form of the stones themselves and the craftsmanship.

Dianne said...

how very graceful

and the light is lovely

my post is at
just in case Mr Linky goes undercover again

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty neat piece of jewel bracelet your SIL has got. Looks good in sepia as well :)

Anonymous said...

Nicely bejeweled!

I really like the new background - It goes very well w/ the sepia theme!

kaye said...

her arm is lovely

onangelwings said...

Now that IS a bejeweled arm.