Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sepia Scenes #38

Last week I said I'd post a few Sepia Scenes thumbnails of people's posts from last week. And here they are!

Left to right:Annie; EG; Russ
Jientje; Ralph; Mellie

A lone bench to sit on and contemplate in St. Michael's Cemetery in Astoria, Queens.
I caught this shot quickly, from the car, through the windshield, and it came out a little blurry. I thought I would use this for Sepia Scenes this week and blur it a little more to give it further atmosphere...

Here's the orignal so you can compare them:


Something happens to the blur in sepia.

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Sepia Scenes

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Mojo said...

These are all phenomenal, but I think the Canada Day shot is my favorite. The spot color really jumps out. Was this cross-posted to Ruby Tuesday? It should be!

Annie said...

What a nice surprise, Mary, seeing my car up there. Thanks!

I love the sepia bench. Taken out of a car window may have given it a bit of a blur but that blur works well with sepia and lends it a very ghostly feeling.

Mo said...

I love the idea of posting your favorites from the previous week, Mary. Your Sepia Scenes participants have such talent.
I can't see your photobucket pics right now - I'll come back later to see if they show up on my computer. Since Annie commented on them, I'm guessing it must be my computer.
This week, Daphne is strutting her stuff old-school in an antiqued photo at Purrchance To Dream, and I have two pics of one of my favorite places on earth up at It's A Blog Eat Blog World.
~ Mo

Eyad said...

nice idea :D
and i like your editing
hope you like my photo
~ Eyad

Anonymous said...

Taken from a car window but looking good still :)

P/S: Sorry, entering my link 30mins earlier than my post. I'm really too sleepy now. I watch MJ Memorial till 4am this morning. So sorry.

Felisol said...

Hello, teach mary.
Love what sepia did to your somewhat blur picture. It has an air of fairytale, like Tinkerbell might show up any minute.

I'm also amazed about what Annie does to her pictures, giving them so may shades and colors, still sticking to the sepia theme.
The little birdie baby and the Marigold made me hold my breath of fear to disturb such a precious moment.
From felisol

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

Thought I'd join this week.

I like how the photo turned out in sepia. The blurriness adds that vintage feel to the photo.

And getting glimpses of some of the previous entries was nice too.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I think the blur works for this photo, MaryT. I like it both versions, actually. I agree with Annie that it has a kind of ghostly feeling, wonderful for an unoccupied bench. ;-)

Thanks for including my Canada Day Sepia Scene. You have a way of making me feel good!

Vita Stunder said...

Great idea to post your favorites from last week!

Lovley shots! :)

Terri said...

Oh, that's awesome. The blur is so effective in sepia.

Greyscale Territory said...

The sepia bench is very atmospheric ~ dreamy and romantic with a hint of solitude! Beautiful!

Patti said...

I like the atmosphere that the sepia tone creates around the lone bench.
Cool capture from the car, Mary!

That's neat that you included Ralph's photo from last week. He has some great family pix.

Ralph said...

The sepia bench on the sepia carpeted field is nice. The original in color looks fine, but the sepia makes one want to nap on the bench in the soft sepia light...

Dianne said...

I love the way the sepia makes the grass seem taller and gives it a sense of motion

sunnymama said...

Great collection of your sepia scene favourites! I love the lone bench in sepia too. A very reflective spot to sit for a while :)

kaye said...

very ethreal

onangelwings said...

A lonely bench always makes me want to sit and ponder.

Jientje said...

Hmmmm.... interesting!

Thanks for adding my swallow in the thumbnail, I'm honoured!

I'm doing a little demonstration this week, I have found a new toy!

@nemonen said...

I really do love the bench!

Jew Wishes said...

What wonderful captures, each one! Thanks for posting them.

Sherrie said...

Hi Mary,
I have found that Sepia covers all kinds of boo boo's. Mine is posted at my place, A View of my Life. Have a great day!!


T. Mininni-Totin said...

The sepia bench and graves are romantic and pensive. You're so creative.

foto CHIP (Sweden) said...

I have had a lot of troubles to open this page. Maybe Explorer 8 cannot open so now I took my other pc and succeded so I'm happy to give my link for the first time.
I will gladly join the Sepia Scenes.
Have a nice weekend!

Artlover said...

Hi there!

After having been inspired by others and you use the Sepia tone in their image, I want to also be included and play in Your "Seoia Scenes. Come in and look at my first contribution.
I've been using me en sepia photo in other contexts. Look here:
and more
Have a nice week

Russ said...

Thanks for including my photo!

I also like the fogginess as it does indeed increase the vintage feel of the photo.