Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sepia Scenes #88

These two shots were taken directly with my camera. I set it on sepia and this is what I got: a full rich brown color.

Have you tried setting your point-and-shoot or your DSLR on sepia to see what sort of tone you get? Of course you can always adjust the tone using your photo-editing software or free software online like Picasa or Picnik


Harris Channing said...

Fun shots and a really neat idea!

Ralph said...

The sepia here is really neat - it enhances the suntanned look on the poolside guests - without all the harmful UV rays!

Felisol said...

You are so clever, teach Mary,
always showing new ways to enhance a photograph.
I hope you can a book of all these things you are giving us for free.
Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher.

Kramer said...

Poolside is perfect for a summer sepia.

Ma.links said...

Summer-sepias :D

EG Wow said...

Sepia is one way to give everyone a great summer tan. :)

Anonymous said...

Great way of spending the summer!! :)

kaye said...

I'll have to try that

ThirtyWhat said...

I love the pool shots ... in sepia, they just scream summer. Great work.

Naturedigital said...

Beautiful sepia scenes Mary.

Cai - said...

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hip chick said...

Fantastic picture. I love summer and this really brings it out.

Lennie said...

Really wonderful shots, goes perfectly sepia

Mo said...

Wow - you have a camera that takes sepia-toned pictures?
Did they make it just for you???
I'd love to have that setting, too!
Your pictures make me want to jump in the pool!

I found another shot from my London trip that I hadn't edited yet, and was very pleased with how it turned out when I edited it in Picnik, so that's my Sepia Scenes shot for this week!