Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sepia Scenes #18

My Sepia Scenes photos today are of a row of Tudor houses in Queens, NY.



Working in Adobe Photo Shop, first I DESATURATED the photos and then I created another LAYER so I could APPLY A SEPIA STYLE. I then used CURVES to adjust light and dark and bring some pastel color into the photos.

The Photoshop Curve tool has a serious role in photo fixing but it has a fun side to it's nature too.

The Photoshop curves tool is probably one of the most powerful and best ways to correct an image in Photoshop. It is also a tool that can look complex a first glance. However it isn't difficult to understand and use and I'll show you how to put it to work. The curves tool also has a fun side to its nature and it can be used to create interesting art effects for your images. Find it by choosing Image, Adjustments, Curves or you can apply it using an adjustment layer.

Here is some help using CURVES from GIMP:

In many cases, the Levels control is enough to give your image the brightness and color that you want. If you need finer control, you can use the Curves tool.

The Adjust Color Curves box on the right is what I manipulate to bring some color into the SEPIA photo. The sharper your "S" curve the closer you get to POSTERIZATION. If you use just a touch you get some pastel colors like my photos above.

Don't be afraid to experiment. It's fun! Thanks very much for participating. I really appreciate it!

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Felisol said...

Dear teach Mary,
Those Tudor houses are magnificent.
Reading what you had done, the layers, the lining and all that make some sense to me now.
Some weeks ago I had to get Gunnar explain me what sepia really was.
Some time this week we will try to get me one step further in photoshop.
I love living. I love learning.
From Felisol

Patti said...

The Tudor houses are lovely, Mary.

I don't have Photoshop, so I just go to the sepia application and use that.

It's another cat photo. I can't help myself.

Mojo said...

Having Mr. Linky issues again Mary?

I love curves. Really I do. And I should probably leave it right there.

Or here: Sepia Scenes #18 Yates Mill II

Anonymous said...

The shots of the Tudor houses are great, lovely hues of sepia.
I love this meme!

Carletta said...

Love the row houses. Your patches of color make them look like a scene from a storybook. I wonder if Willy Wonka is around the corner! :)

Mine's up but I can't see Mr. Linky. Only Mojo has mentioned it so it could be me. I'll check back.

PJ said...

Very, very, very, very nice. WOW!!I'm breathessly awaiting my new PS software. I can hardly wait to do this kind of work1.

Ralph said...

I remember Tudor style housing, especially around 42nd Avenue in Bayside. The style wears well in sepia, just adding character to these charming structures built in the teen-twenties. A nice neighborhood, truly!


PJ said...

No Mr Linky for me either.

Robin said...

I've always loved those houses. I had a great aunt and uncle who lived in one just like it :). I like the subtle coloring you used this week Mary.

Robin said...

I didn't notice that Mr. Linkie wasn't up so I'm back again to add my link :-).


EG CameraGirl said...

The Tudor houses look great in sepia, MaryT!

My Sepia Scene is at
East Gwillimbury Wow

Jan said...

Love what you did. No PS for me, either. No Mr. Linky, today?

Terri said...

The houses look great with the sepia tint. Thanks for the tut on curves, too - someone else mentioned that useful tool to me this week, guess I better go learn more about it.

No Mr Linky yet, my sepia post is here.

EG CameraGirl said...

Okie dokie, here's mine. ;-)

My Sepia Scene is at
East Gwillimbury Wow

Rose said...

I like your photos...I have pictures up if anyone wants to look.

Annie Jeffries said...

Mary, where is Mr. Linky??? I don't see him.

Leora said...

Here's mine:

I don't see Mr. Linky either.

Thanks for everything, Mary! Hope to come back to read your Photoshop post later...need to make dinner...

marLou said...

I like the pastels...they add a nice pop of color but its not in strong where it takes over the over the image. Nicely done!

I don't see Mr. Linky but mine is up.

Anonymous said...

Your photos are very pretty Mary - I don't have Photo Shop, so I wonder what it would be called in Corel Paint Shop Pro?
Anyway, my photo is up if you want to check it out!

dot said...

Mary, where is Mr. Linky???? I can't see him.
I love your pictures of the houses! I've got to go find some pictures and then find MR. LINKY!

Anonymous said...

The Tudor style housing looks good in sepia.

I'm also grateful for all the behind the scenes lessons you're giving us every week too :)

dot said...

My Sepia Scenes post is


Jackie said...

Hi there teach Mary,
I am very very late for class. I just had a really long day. I apologize.

I must say your Tudor houses turned out exceptional. I don't have Photoshop either. I wish I did. But, I can only work in PSP for now.

I finally got mine up just now.

I have a lot of activity going on tonight here at the house. So please forgive me everyone for tonight. I will visit you tomorrow.

Hi Mojo, Carletta...oh it's good to see all of you guys again. And I don't see mr. linky either.

Good night everyone and I'll see you all first thing in the morning.:-)

Nell said...

No Mr Linky..... This is my first posting to Sepia Scenes. I have no photo manipulation software except what came with the camera, so nothing spectacular from me.

Melli said...

LOL! I have NO idea what a curves tool is -- I know the exercise equipment they've got!!! hehehe... I've never used Photoshop -- I have Paint Shop Pro - but a realllllly old version that I refuse to give up! I use version 7 even though I HAVE 8 and 10. And I think they're up to like 12 now!

Those Tudor houses are great! I love them!

I had some fun of my own with PSP this week!

Melli said...

Is it just ME? I don't SEE a Mr. Linky!

Anonymous said...

The roofs are so vividly taken. Nice place to visit eh. The new widget is also nice and will use it next Tuesda.

Mine is now up and she is saying HI to all!

Oppsss i can't see the Mr. Linky :-)

Christy said...

No Mr. Linky for me either. And I decided to join today instead of just following the blog. Mine can be found at

Anonymous said...

Lovely...thanks for teaching us...

My entry for Sepia post this week: in HERE. I hope that you can stop by also. Thanks

Jientje said...

I like the effect you got! Thanks for teaching us!
Mine is up now too!

Leora said...

Thanks for finally getting Mr. Linky up. I bet you had a busy non-blogging kind of night last night...take care.

Sherrie said...

Hi Mary,
Mr Linky must be having a problem. I put my link in and it disappeared. There are only 3 people when there were more. Anyway, mine is posted. Animals, deer and squirrel. Have a great day!!


Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Mary. It occurred to me that I haven't even commented on YOUR post this week. I love the patchwork look. Very cool. Literally.

Mike said...

Those houses photos are amazing.


Patti said...

Hi Mary,
I finally linked in.

Happy Sepia!

Digital Polaroids said...

Mine's up!